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Definition of zak

What is the definition of "zak"?
  • zaknoun
  • 1. Money.
    2. Sixpence or a "small amount of money".

Use "zak" in a sentence
  • "March 9th, 2010 at 4: 19 pm ralph the wonder llama, official spokesllama for the Llama Milk Council® says: zak is big on the anecdotal evidence, eh?"

    "Anonymous said ... hello dave, sarah, ana, zak, is miranda w/you? this is sara essex. i'm in nashville for now, or however long."

    "Onderzoekslab Maya maakte als experiment de MAYA Sprocket Pocket, een 'zak' die je op de rug van je jas naait of strijkt en waarin je een iPad kan plaatsen."

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  • Spanish: zak
  • German: zak
  • French: zak
  • Mandarin: zak
  • Japanese: zak

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