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Definition of zail

What is the definition of "zail"?
  • zailnoun
  • 1. An administrative unit of two to forty villages during the British Raj in India.

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  • "Cap'en Shackzon tell to me vas dat he hat discovert von dreazure in a cave in ze islant von day dat he vas plown into ze bay in a squall; and ven he vas go back to Guayaquil, he vas charter ze schgooners to zail back to ze islant again."

    ""We vas zail vor dree more day, and den we vas zee dat cap dere, dat Cap'en Shackzon vas zay is Cape Chalmers, and dat ze lant vas Abingdon Islant vere we vas now vas; and den he vas tell me his zeegret.""

    "Cap'en Shackzon zays, zays he, bevore we sdart, dat ze schgooners vas to zail vor Jarls Islant, call't by ze Sbaniards"

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