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Definition of zaibatsu

What is the definition of "zaibatsu"?
  • zaibatsunoun
  • 1. A powerful family-controlled commercial combine of Japan.
    2. A Japanese conglomerate or cartel.

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  • "12: 47: Facebook friend saves life of suicidal teenager from the other side of the Atlantic zaibatsu 12: 49: RT @zaibatsu:"

    "Korea, which was a Japanese colony for most of the first half of this century, took the family-network practice from Japan, where it was called zaibatsu until the holding companies were disbanded by General MacArthur at the end of World War II."

    "General Electric CFO: 'Best Earnings Outlook In The Last 10 Years' NRC: Glossary -- International Nuclear Regulators Association INRA 1GTIJPDossNxN2o7ox13pNFpdqmJf0y5x1XB%2FqXeNvEGldUpysBKd827PbsmgTxY7ss64c%2BXioEdKPHo6dEYcmuGPkGMeh8o Obama Administration, State Officials Expected To Give Banks New Mortgage Terms zaibatsu"

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