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Definition of zack

What is the definition of "zack"?
  • zacknoun
  • 1. Sixpence.
    2. Five cents.
    3. A six-month or six-year prison sentence.

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  • "March 7th, 2006 at 1: 33 pm mr. machalkala says: zack is fat and ugly he likes men alot he likes to do men"

    "Donnie Darko was blah i mean the story was good but the problem was that it was ssllloooowww and in the end you just see -spoilers- the image of that time traveling hole , you dont feel it you dont feel the heroic act of doni and watchmen the movie was a piece of stylish stupid crap from some racist homophobia dude called zack something i dont wanna remember pj on Dec 28, 2009"

    "Jackson and Hannah may i ask how old you are? cole and dylan? as in dylan and cole sprouse aka zack and cody???"

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