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Definition of zacate

What is the definition of "zacate"?
  • zacatenoun
  • 1. In Mexico, the southwestern United States, Guam, and the Philippines, a name applied to grasses, especially to those used for hay or fresh forage. Under this name the rice-grass, Homalocenchrus hexandrus, a grass of Mexican origin, is cultivated in the Philippines for fodder. See rice-grass.

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  • "Samantha Robinson, 12, of Spokane, Washington, competing for the fourth time, misspelled "zacate" (a grassy plant)."

    "The name El Zacatón comes from the floating islands of grass (zacate) which blow across this lake from one side to the other with the wind."

    "The hunter-gatherers called zacatecos, after the zacate (straw thatch) that covered the roofs of their conical dwellings, foraged for fruit and edible roots and hunted small animals."

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