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Definition of z

What is the definition of "z"?
  • znoun
  • 1. The 26th letter of the modern English alphabet.
    2. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter z.
    3. The 26th in a series.
    4. Something shaped like the letter Z.
    5. Slang Sleep.

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  • "For example, all pronouns like first person *zō violate markedness because plain *z is so rare in his convoluted phonology while palatal *ź is used to explain almost everything see his list of 'z words' here where his diacritic bias is self-evident."

    "Let x, y, z, and t denote the coordinates and syn - chronized clock times used by E in his spaceship refer - ence frame S; and let x′, y′, z′, and t′ denote the corre - sponding quantities used by E′ in S′."

    "Z-- z-- z-- z! as I ducked to the saddle-bow, and something scraped across my back with a sound as of rending garments."

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