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Definition of yack

What is the definition of "yack"?
  • yackverb
  • 1. Slang Variant of yak2.

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  • "On the other hand, the black skins, those that were black with white hairs intermixed or with a white breast, the uniform bay, the brown, and the light reddish-brown, were classed under the name yack-ah, and were said to resemble each other in being smaller and having shorter nails, in climbing trees, and being so little vicious that they could be pursued with safety."

    "In it, Busta and his collaborator, P. Diddy, defeat evildoers, get the girls and toast their triumphs with "yack," hip-hop's shorthand for cognac."

    "So, Obama concedes all they did was "yack" in the U.S."

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