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Definition of yachty

What is the definition of "yachty"?
  • yachtynoun
  • 1. A yachtsman or yachtswoman

  • yachtyadjective
  • 1. of or relating to yachts

Use "yachty" in a sentence
  • "Fiona would insist on going to Portofino, or St. Trop, or Sete, where one or other of her yachty friends would have a double berth just going begging, darling, do come, it'll be such fun."

    "The Lucie was perhaps seventy feet long and a most attractive craft, with a hull yachty in appearance and of a type which could safely make long runs along the coast, a stanch, seaworthy boat, of course without the speed of the regularly designed yacht, but more than making up in comfort for those on board what was lost in that way."

    "Despite his experience, the yachty refuses to give up sailing."

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