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Definition of yachtsman

What is the definition of "yachtsman"?
  • yachts•mannoun
  • 1. A man who owns or sails a yacht.

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  • "(I call our yachtsman Euergetes because it is so unlike his real name that neither he nor his family will recognise it.) "Why, Euergetes," exclaimed Cynthia,"

    "The first 'yachtsman' was Joshua Slocum, who started life as a sea captain and in 1895 set off on the world's first circumnavigation by a yachtsman in his boat Spray."

    "All artists who focus on wildlife, historical and nautical scenes are confronted on a regular basis by people who are knowledgeable in these fields -- outdoorsmen, hunters, birders, Civil War reenacters, military historians (or military buffs), yachtsman and boating enthusiasts -- looking for mistakes."

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