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Definition of yachtie

What is the definition of "yachtie"?
  • yachtienoun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of yachty.

Use "yachtie" in a sentence
  • "To a non-yachtie like me, the intricacies of the sport are a mystery, but television coverage of what could seem slower than a Paul Collingwood rearguard innings, has been greatly enhanced by the use of computer graphics, which brought it to life, told me the race situations, and generally unravelled things."

    "I had been wanting to get back to the reef where I had been wrecked, seeking a passage on a yacht, but there hadn't been a yachtie heading that way."

    "Six weeks ago Leah had heard on the yachtie grapevine in Darwin that the owner of The Zephyr wanted a female deck-hand, someone young and attractive who knew about sailing boats and who could handle the hostessing part of the job."

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