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Definition of yachted

What is the definition of "yachted"?
  • yachtedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of yacht.

Use "yachted" in a sentence
  • "Movie stars, royalty and old-money families have yachted around the Exumas and vacationed on the main island, Great Exuma, since at least the 1950s."

    "Once in Saint Tropez, a paparazzo followed us along the yachted pier, convinced he'd picked up on the scent of young Hollywood."

    "The society pages chronicled the comings and goings of young Ethel and her parents as they yachted with the Astors or took lunch at the Newport Golf Club with the Vanderbilts or watched automobile parades alongside the Sedgwicks and the Goulds."

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  • Spanish: yachted
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