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Definition of yacare

What is the definition of "yacare"?
  • yac•a•renoun
  • 1. A caiman; a kind of alligator.

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  • "A large part of the aquatic inhabitants are reptiles like the yacaré negro (Caiman crocodylus yacare), the yacaré ñato (Caiman latirostris), the tortuga cavaleta (Acantochelys spixii), and the boa acuática curiyu (Eunecte notaeus)."

    "The government of Brazil is interested in establishing farms for several species of caiman, including the yacare (Caiman crocodilusyacare)."

    "Only two years ago Martin became the first amateur to win on the circuit and he is the only one to capture titles as an amateur and a professional. yacare"

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