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Definition of yabber

What is the definition of "yabber"?
  • yabbernoun
  • 1. Jabber.

  • yabberverb-transitive
  • 1. To jabber (something) or engage in jabbering.

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  • "A word attributed to Wuywurung is the Australian slang term yabber 'talk,' which is probably from Wuywurung yaba 'speak'; another possibility is mia-mia, a synonym for gunyah 'a temporary shelter of the Aborigines, usu. a simple frame of branches covered with bark, leaves, or grass,' about which you can read in exhaustive detail here:In the Australian National Dictionary 1988 we are told that it comes from Wathawurung and Wuywurung."

    "Law, "And your Petitioners will ever Pray," and all that kind of yabber-yabber -- they give its representative the lazy side of the fire and a fig of the best tobacco when he bails up a camp as the Cadi did ours."

    "Drysdale took up the strain: "Yes, Cadi, you've got the true missionary gospel, the kind of yabber they fire at each other over tea and buns at"

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