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Definition of ya

What is the definition of "ya"?
  • yapronoun
  • 1. Eye dialect spelling of you.

  • yainterjection
  • 1. Yeah, yes.
    2. Go. (Spoken to horses and cattle.)

  • yaadverb
  • 1. yea; yes

Use "ya" in a sentence
  • "The drawing is soooo beautiful the dresses are so vintage, Bleu Clothing has a great line of dresses from all the top designers..ya ya, black halo, 3.1 phillip check em out"

    "A number of such efforts, after the Nik [= a] yas had been closed, were included in a supplementary Nik [= a] ya called the _Khuddaka Nik [= a] ya_."

    "In the Middle Ages the Turkish Khans 'encampments were always spoken of as their ya -- thus: "from hence 1500 miles north-west to the Khan's _ya_.""

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