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Definition of ya'll

What is the definition of "ya'll"?
  • ya'llphrase
  • 1. Eye dialect spelling of you'll.

  • ya'llpronoun
  • 1. Plural form of you.

Use "ya'll" in a sentence
  • "And for you people out there talking about him you need to remember that what goes arouund comes right back to you! ya'll need to leave Our President alone jaye"

    "Even if I were a Democrat, I would be looking at my administration and my congress and saying, "ok guys, maybe ya'll aren't being as honest as we thought about the status of our progress" ..."

    "I simply LOVE when ya'll use the defense that Obama is illegally expanding gov't and is putting us hugely in debt and is an Arab terrorist."

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How to Say "ya'll" in:
  • Spanish: ya'll
  • German: ya'll
  • French: ya'll
  • Mandarin: ya'll
  • Japanese: ya'll

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