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Definition of y

What is the definition of "y"?
  • ynoun
  • 1. The 25th letter of the modern English alphabet.
    2. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter y.
    3. The 25th in a series.
    4. Something shaped like the letter Y.

  • y
  • 1. The symbol for ordinate.

Use "y" in a sentence
  • "But that which was more lamentable, and of all sorowes most heavie to be borne, was that many of their children, by these occasions, and y "great licen - tiousnes of youth in y* - countrie, and y° manifold temp - tations of the place, were drawne away by evill examples into extravagante & dangerous courses, getting y" raines off their neks, & departing from their parents."

    "And though I doubt not but it will be more fully done by my honourd friends, whom it 'did more di - rectly concerne, and have more pcrticuler knowledg of y° matter, yet I will here give a hinte of y* same, and Gods providence in preventing y' hurte that might have come by y 'same."

    "[257] Articles of Conffederation betweene y Plantations under y« Govermente of Massachusets, y = Plantations under y*"

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