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Definition of y'know

What is the definition of "y'know"?
  • y'knowphrase
  • 1. Shortened form of you know.

Use "y'know" in a sentence
  • "Even if you don't vote, though you should, cos that's a journey, voting, and if you don't vote then you'll catch, y'know, the not-voting unjourney virus."

    "Jus' here to spread a liddle light, y'know, spread some stardust on my journey, which is your journey, too."

    "With my editor hat on, I can see that it needs considerable fleshing out of the characters 'worlds and their motivations and relationships with each other; they're pretty much just reacting to outside stimuli right now, but, y'know, Papa Ghede is poking them, so that's natural."

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How to Say "y'know" in:
  • Spanish: y'know
  • German: y'know
  • French: y'know
  • Mandarin: y'know
  • Japanese: y'know

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