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Definition of xanthophyll

What is the definition of "xanthophyll"?
  • xan•tho•phyllnoun
  • 1. A yellow carotenoid pigment, C40H56O2, found with chlorophyll in green plants and identical with lutein.
    2. Any of various related yellow pigments.

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  • "Seasonal changes in chlorophyll fluorescence quenching and the induction and capacity of the photoprotective xanthophyll cycle in Lobaria pulmonaria."

    "The traditional air-aging of flour had a visible side effect: the yellowish flour becomes progressively paler as the xanthophyll pigments are oxidized to a colorless form."

    "The color of durum wheat, its coarse semolina flour, and dry pasta is due mainly to the carotenoid xanthophyll lutein, which can be oxidized to a colorless form by enzymes in the grain and oxygen."

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