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Definition of xanthoma

What is the definition of "xanthoma"?
  • ‖Xan•tho•manoun
  • 1. A yellowish-orange, lipid-filled nodule or papule in the skin, often on an eyelid or over a joint.

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  • "In a case of Sangster, reported by Politzer, although most of the dermoids, as usual, were like fibroma-nodules and therefore the color of normal skin, those over the mastoid processes and clavicle were lemon-yellow, and were generally thought to be xanthoma until they were excised, and Politzer found they were typical dermoid cysts with the usual contents of degenerated epithelium and hair."

    "In some cases (_xanthoma diabeticorum_) of general xanthoma diabetes is the causative factor."

    "#Describe the clinical appearances of xanthoma planum."

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