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Definition of waddie

What is the definition of "waddie"?
  • wad•dienoun
  • 1. Western U.S. Variant of waddy2.

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  • ""waddie" of the Australian aboriginal; but with these they can do quite enough damage to deter all but the reckless from visiting their chosen haunts."

    "Being a mile or two ahead of our party in a thick brush, I came suddenly upon three men; two ran off with the greatest speed; the third, who was older and a little lame, first threw his firestick at me, and next (seeing me still advance) a waddie, but with such agitation, that though not more than a dozen paces distant, he missed both me and my horse."

    "She sat at a table with Xavier and Jasper Fant, the skinny little waddie from upriver."

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