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Definition of wacko

What is the definition of "wacko"?
  • wackonoun
  • 1. Slang A person regarded as eccentric or irrational: "a catchy pop portrait of a wacko who talks to himself in French” ( Phoebe Hoban).

  • wackoadjective
  • 1. Wacky.

Use "wacko" in a sentence
  • "Looked at sufficiently askew (some might prefer the term wacko), everything is new under the sun."

    "Get real this wacko is here to stay, afterall he is a Republican and that in itself makes him royalty ... just ask him."

    "This dumb wacko is heading down the road to terrible change."

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  • Spanish: wacko
  • German: wacko
  • French: wacko
  • Mandarin: wacko
  • Japanese: wacko

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