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Definition of wackest

What is the definition of "wackest"?
  • wackestadjective
  • 1. superlative form of wack: most wack.

Use "wackest" in a sentence
  • "This may be the wackest thing to date, considering these fellas are touring together!"

    "But wouldn't it be great if the Romneys and the Huckabees and the Thompsons and the McCains and the Giulianis -- and the Pauls, too, who's the wackest of all, his oppositions to the Iraq debacle and the "unitary executive" notwithstanding -- all just left each other's bodies dead on the ground, and let the world be saved for real?"

    "My favorite is watching Vast Aire spit the wackest off the head freestyle I've ever heard from a respected MC."

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  • Spanish: wackest
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