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Definition of vocalize

What is the definition of "vocalize"?
  • vo•cal•izeverb-transitive
  • 1. To produce with the voice.
    2. To give voice to; articulate: vocalize popular sentiment.
    3. To mark (a vowelless Hebrew text, for example) with vowel points.
    4. Linguistics To change (a consonant) into a vowel during articulation.
    5. Linguistics To voice.

Use "vocalize" in a sentence
  • "We read with ear and eye together, though with varying proportions of emphasis on the one or the other; for some 'vocalize' whatever they read, others read almost entirely with the eye."

    "I never had any beliefs that my opinions were supported here, as I had to make an effort to "vocalize" them."

    "When trainer M.E. Hampton had me hold out my hands and repeatedly flick my fingers to get Naya to "vocalize," I nearly squealed with delight."

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  • Spanish: vocalize
  • German: vocalize
  • French: vocalize
  • Mandarin: vocalize
  • Japanese: vocalize

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