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Definition of vaccinates

What is the definition of "vaccinates"?
  • vaccinatesverb
  • 1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of vaccinate.

Use "vaccinates" in a sentence
  • "It vaccinates his brain and protects him from semantic subjugation."

    "That woman who insists that breast is best may be using (gasp!) disposable diapers or (gasp!) had a scheduled c-section or (gasp!) works full time and has her kid in day care 5 days a week or (gasp!) vaccinates."

    "India's annual National Immunization Day drive vaccinates over 170 million children, reducing the number of cases by 94 percent in the past year."

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  • Spanish: vaccinates
  • German: vaccinates
  • French: vaccinates
  • Mandarin: vaccinates
  • Japanese: vaccinates

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