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Definition of vacantly

What is the definition of "vacantly"?
  • va•cant•lyadverb
  • 1. In a vacant manner; inanely or foolishly.

Use "vacantly" in a sentence
  • "Wanless, answered enquiries as to Ingram's behaviour under what Mrs. Percival otiosely called "his bereavement," echoed speculations at to his whereabouts -- played, in short, vacantly an empty part, and kept her mother upon tenterhooks."

    "At this point the imagery begins to repeat itself in different iterations, as it will for the rest of the novel: The man is at the station where the woman is now looking at him "vacantly"; the dog appears again, blocking his path; he walks along the street, where "a cyclist is trying to pedal along," the fish in his saddle bag now joined by a loaf of bread on top of it."

    "Now that they were together for the first time in a distinctly social fashion, he found himself vacantly, meaninglessly silent, content to walk beside this charming, summery presence, brushed by its delicate draperies, and inhaling its freshness."

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  • Spanish: vacantly
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