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Definition of v-chips

What is the definition of "v-chips"?
  • v-chipsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of v-chip.

Use "v-chips" in a sentence
  • "In short, there wouldn't have been cochlear implants, honeycrisp apples, nicotine patches, v-chips for blocking certain TV programs, or even Google without the benefits of university research."

    "Then it starts getting into ratings, because TV has v-chips (which no one knows how to use) and shows can be allowed or blocked based on information provided."

    "Given that we’ve already spent untold billions mandating v-chips in all new TVs for the last decade or so, why not err on the side of allowing everything and letting each household block what they want toblock."

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  • Spanish: v-chips
  • German: v-chips
  • French: v-chips
  • Mandarin: v-chips
  • Japanese: v-chips

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