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Definition of ubiquitousness

What is the definition of "ubiquitousness"?
  • ubiquitousnessnoun
  • 1. The state or property of being ubiquitous.
    2. The state of being everywhere at any given time.

Use "ubiquitousness" in a sentence
  • "Typos are far from uncommon, especially with the growing ubiquitousness of independent publishers and self-published e-books."

    "He was also impressed by the ubiquitousness of donkeys and cinder block houses, which were referred to as "palaces.""

    "But its name makes it feel like an emblem of the ubiquitousness of modern weeds, which have so comprehensively penetrated our world."

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  • Spanish: ubiquitousness
  • German: ubiquitousness
  • French: ubiquitousness
  • Mandarin: ubiquitousness
  • Japanese: ubiquitousness

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