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Definition of ubiquitination

What is the definition of "ubiquitination"?
  • ubiquitinationnoun
  • 1. The modification of a protein by the covalent attachment of one or more ubiquitin molecules

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  • "Are you claiming that ubiquitination is specific for lysine residues, or are you predicting that as a hypothesis that you are interested in testing?"

    "We continued and demonstrated that, unlike the paradigm in the field until that time, that degradation of proteins in the lysosome proceeds independently from the ubiquitin system - the two proteolytic pathways are actually linked to one another, and ubiquitination is required for stress-induced lysosomal degradation of cellular proteins."

    "Interestingly, the ligase involved in BSA ubiquitination is E3a that was discovered during my graduate studies."

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