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Definition of u-tube

What is the definition of "u-tube"?
  • u-tubenoun
  • 1. A glass tube in the shape of the letter U, employed in the laboratory chiefly for washing or desiccating gases.

Use "u-tube" in a sentence
  • "Half of these people don't even know what they are protesting. (see the u-tube video where the reporter is asking the questions about why they are there)."

    "OBILL is making the same belief in trusting but not verify as his idol Bill Clinton when it comes to foriegn affairs and after hearing a national security speech on u-tube he will sell out the military for peace dividends just as Bill did."

    "However, every time the McBush campaigns runs a u-tube ad showing her bashing Obama to promote the GOP it makes me sick to my stomach."

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