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Definition of tumbling

What is the definition of "tumbling"?
  • tum•blingnoun
  • 1. Gymnastics, such as somersaults, rolls, and handsprings, performed without the use of specialized apparatus.

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  • "These elements come together because writer-director Christopher Nolan, who did the last two "Batman" films, is a master at creating what he calls a tumbling forward quality, where you're being pulled into the action."

    ""You have to be streetwise," said knotholer Tim Coppola, looking up at another hazard: objects such as beer bottles tumbling from the stadium wall above."

    "And if you break your leg tumbling from a tree stand, it's little comfort to know that Tiger Woods could tee up and clear the distance that stands between you and help."

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  • Spanish: tumbling
  • German: tumbling
  • French: tumbling
  • Mandarin: tumbling
  • Japanese: tumbling

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