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Definition of tenuously

What is the definition of "tenuously"?
  • tenuouslyadverb
  • 1. In a tenuous manner.

Use "tenuously" in a sentence
  • "As I sat in a small blue tent that evening tenuously perched over one particularly malodorous barrel, a loud rockslide thundered directly towards me."

    "Miss Pettigrew herself is blushingly drawn to the gallant Joe, a successful designer who is tenuously engaged to haughty fashion maven Edythe – the one person who senses that the new “social secretary” may be out of her element, and schemes to undermine her."

    "(Via Hot Air) You know, when Heinz ketchup became (bizarrely enough) a minor issue during the 2004 campaign I sneered wholeheartedly at the idea of switching brands just because the stuff was tenuously maybe-linked to the Democrats."

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  • Spanish: tenuously
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