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Definition of tan

What is the definition of "tan"?
  • tanverb-transitive
  • 1. To convert (hide) into leather, as by treating with tannin.
    2. To make brown by exposure to the sun.
    3. Informal To thrash; beat.

  • tanverb-intransitive
  • 1. To become brown or tawny from exposure to sun.

  • tannoun
  • 1. A light or moderate yellowish brown to brownish orange.

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  • "NOTE: = theta,,,,,,, if tan = -5/12 is not the in th 2nd quadrant then show that [sin (360 -) +tan (90+"

    "The term tan points shall include tan or red spots over each eye, inside the ears, on both cheeks, and at the anal vent area if displaying any black."

    "Yeah, because getting a tan is the same thing as an ethnic background."

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