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Definition of tame

What is the definition of "tame"?
  • tameadjective
  • 1. Brought from wildness into a domesticated or tractable state.
    2. Naturally unafraid; not timid: "The sea otter is gentle and relatively tame” ( Peter Matthiessen).
    3. Submissive; docile; fawning: tame obedience.
    4. Insipid; flat: a tame Christmas party.
    5. Sluggish; languid; inactive: a tame river.

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  • "Sonika Singh started making hand-painted sneakers as gifts for friends at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, Calif., embellishing them with what she calls "tame graffiti.""

    "At the farm in Middle Tennessee, they also had some chestnuts, which she called tame chestnuts."

    "Before long he had become what we call tame -- that is to say, his wings had been clipped; he was allowed out of his cage, because he could no longer fly away, and he sang when he was told, because he was whipped if he did not."

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