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Definition of tally

What is the definition of "tally"?
  • tal•lynoun
  • 1. A reckoning or score.
    2. A stick on which notches are made to keep a count or score.
    3. A stick on which notches were formerly made to keep a record of amounts paid or owed.
    4. A mark used in recording a number of acts or objects, most often in series of five, consisting of four vertical lines canceled diagonally or horizontally by a fifth line.
    5. A label, ticket, or piece of metal or wood used for identification or classification, especially in gardens and greenhouses.

Use "tally" in a sentence
  • "The men who measured and kept the tally maintained a constant song or chant, and designated the _tally_, or fifth bushel, by a sort of yell."

    "I believe, right now, if you only count the books within the event (excluding the preludes) the tally is around 40 books … 38 or so."

    "Our seedling tally is actually fairly small so far this year, though there are a few plants going into the garden that will be purchased this week!"

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