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Definition of tabard

What is the definition of "tabard"?
  • tab•ardnoun
  • 1. A short, heavy cape of coarse cloth formerly worn outdoors.
    2. A tunic or capelike garment worn by a knight over his armor and emblazoned with his coat of arms.
    3. A similar garment worn by a herald and bearing his lord's coat of arms.
    4. An embroidered pennant attached to a trumpet.

Use "tabard" in a sentence
  • "Over it the tabard was a bright splash of colour, the striking hippogriff of Marimme's crest picked out in bright scarlet with touches of gold, prancing over a curve of blue-green representing the sea."

    "I was gonna look up "tabard", but then I decided to look up "modest"."

    "She wore a simple short-sleeved dress, with a kind of tabard that covered most of it."

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