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Definition of tab

What is the definition of "tab"?
  • tabnoun
  • 1. A projection, flap, or short strip attached to an object to facilitate opening, handling, or identification.
    2. A small, usually decorative flap or tongue on a garment.
    3. A small auxiliary airfoil that is attached to a larger one and that helps stabilize an aircraft.
    4. A pull-tab.

  • tabverb-transitive
  • 1. To supply with a tab or tabs.

Use "tab" in a sentence
  • "There is also now an option to add a customized favicon to a user's site, which is an icon that sits in the title tab of a website when it is viewed inside a browser."

    "So having the insurance pick up part of the tab is a big deal."

    "There was cracks that were present in the welds, what we call the tab welds, of the bridge since the day it was built."

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