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Definition of specially

What is the definition of "specially"?
  • spe•cial•lyadverb
  • 1. For a special purpose.
    2. extremely
    3. in particular

Use "specially" in a sentence
  • "I deserved such a distinction personally, for my own sake, and I was always wishing that my august friend would create a title specially in my favour."

    "This is what I call the specially British form of [135] Quietism, or"

    "If all the black folks, be them specially from the south have no sense of what their peers went thru and still are, then I suggest they watch the movie, "Shinandoa" (hope I spelled it correctly) they would not be even close to be republicans, namely Michael Steel, the RCC. "republican commitee chairman", Ron Christie, republican analyst, and many other black men that are affilieated to their salve masters, if beyond comprehension."

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