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Definition of scab

What is the definition of "scab"?
  • scabnoun
  • 1. A crust discharged from and covering a healing wound.
    2. Scabies or mange in domestic animals or livestock, especially sheep.
    3. Any of various plant diseases caused by fungi or bacteria and resulting in crustlike spots on fruit, leaves, or roots.
    4. The spots caused by such a disease.
    5. Slang A person regarded as contemptible.

Use "scab" in a sentence
  • "They denied that the term scab has been used in a threatening or intimidating manner."

    "The uncompromising and terrible hatred of the trade-unionist for a scab is the hatred of a class for a traitor to that class, -- while the hatred of a trade-unionist for the militia is the hatred of a class for a weapon wielded by the class with which it is fighting."

    "Their hatred for a scab is as terrible as the hatred of a patriot for a traitor, of a Christian for a Judas."

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