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Definition of saccular

What is the definition of "saccular"?
  • sac•cu•laradjective
  • 1. Formed of or divided into a series of saclike dilations or pouches.

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  • "* Normally in snakes, the posterior lung walls are thin and sac-like, hence the name ‘saccular lung’."

    "Its posterior part (the so-called saccular lung) has unique thick, muscular walls* that allows stored air to be forced forward into the functional anterior part (termed the bronchial lung) and the anterior projection of the lung (the so-called tracheal lung) is large and extends well forwards relative to that of terrestrial snakes."

    "If these glands have the general form of tubes, they are called _tubular_ glands; if sac-like in shape, they are called _saccular_ glands."

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