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Definition of saccharin

What is the definition of "saccharin"?
  • sac•cha•rinnoun
  • 1. A white crystalline powder, C7H5NO3S, having a taste about 500 times sweeter than cane sugar, used as a calorie-free sweetener.

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  • "I asked if it wasn’t saccharin, why is it called saccharin?"

    "Queeny was convinced there was money to be made manufacturing a substance called saccharin, an artificial sweetener then imported from Germany."

    "This freedom in the choice of materials has continued down to the present time, except that the use of "saccharin" (a product derived from coal-tar) was prohibited in 1888, the reason being that this substance gives an apparent palate-fulness to beer equal to roughly 4° in excess of its real gravity, the revenue suffering thereby."

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