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Definition of sable

What is the definition of "sable"?
  • sa•blenoun
  • 1. A carnivorous mammal (Martes zibellina) of northern Europe and Asia, having soft dark fur.
    2. The pelt or fur of this animal.
    3. The similar fur of other species of martens.
    4. The color black, especially in heraldry.
    5. Black garments worn in mourning.

Use "sable" in a sentence
  • "At the school for retarded children, we see one: she has bedecked herself with assorted dolls as elegantly as a young society matron in sable furs."

    "On the sixth day there will come forth to thee a black Shaykh, clad all in sable, with a long white beard, flowing down to his navel."

    "He was thinking of a certain Russian sable coat that lay in his trunk at the cabin, and guarded from prying eyes by only a flimsy trunk lock."

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