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Definition of sabir

What is the definition of "sabir"?
  • sabirnoun
  • 1. a lingua franca

Use "sabir" in a sentence
  • "The only reason for giving any medical treatment would be to study the infant, so ‘Putting Down’ wouldnt be an issue, the child will die with no other aid. sabir Says:"

    ""Macache sabir," he said; "they picked a bullet from your spine, my inspector.""

    "Through the menaces and the rage around her, fierce as the yelling of starving wolves around a frozen corpse, her clear, brave tones reached the ear of the chief in the lingua sabir that she used."

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How to Say "sabir" in:
  • Spanish: sabir
  • German: sabir
  • French: sabir
  • Mandarin: sabir
  • Japanese: sabir

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