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Definition of saber

What is the definition of "saber"?
  • sa•bernoun
  • 1. A heavy cavalry sword with a one-edged, slightly curved blade.
    2. A light dueling or fencing sword having an arched guard covering the hand and a tapered flexible blade with a cutting edge on one side and on the tip.

  • sa•berverb-transitive
  • 1. To hit, injure, or kill with a saber.

Use "saber" in a sentence
  • "So while they're watching the administration, they're suspicious of its motives and what they call saber rattling."

    "In Spanish, for example, "saber" is the infinitive of "to know" in the sense of knowing a fact or knowing how to do something."

    "I have a Ep. III Anakin saber, well the hilt pommel where you put the batteries in corroded and I wanna replace it, does anyone know where i can buy a replacement battery housing?"

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