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Definition of saber-rattling

What is the definition of "saber-rattling"?
  • saber-rattlingnoun
  • 1. chiefly US spelling of sabre-rattling

Use "saber-rattling" in a sentence
  • "As for deterring the Soviets through nuclear saber-rattling, it was unlikely that either Khrushchev or Washington's European allies could be led to believe that the U.S. would risk nuclear war to defend Berlin."

    "This is nuclear saber-rattling at its most alarming."

    "Blaming the new leaders or aggregators for disrupting the business of the old leaders, or saber-rattling and threatening to sue are not business strategies - they are personal therapy sessions."

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  • Spanish: saber-rattling
  • German: saber-rattling
  • French: saber-rattling
  • Mandarin: saber-rattling
  • Japanese: saber-rattling

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