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Definition of saa

What is the definition of "saa"?
  • saanoun
  • 1. A Middle English form of soe.

Use "saa" in a sentence
  • "The saa were a blizzard of black, but they did not hinder his sight."

    "For example: kul al-yawm (kool al-yawm; every day) kul saa'a (kool sah-ah; every hour) kul niSf saa'a (kool nee-sef sah-ah; every half hour) kul rubu 'saa'a (kool roo-booh sah-ah; every fifteen minutes)"

    ""I gathered, from S'saa's hints, that it concerned this kind of thing, and you, with your experience - Don't misunderstand!""

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