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Definition of s'pose

What is the definition of "s'pose"?
  • s'poseverb
  • 1. Eye dialect spelling of suppose, representing southern US English.

Use "s'pose" in a sentence
  • "I don't think I do but - you are right - my hair has never been short enough to really determine, I s'pose."

    "No one's better than Chandler (unless you widen the margins to include F. Scott, say); but, McCoy's up there and, I s'pose, almost a cult-classic writer in the same way Flann O'Brien or Hubert Selby Jr. is."

    "I still prefer my Model 12 in the field to the 870, I even like the M-1300 Winchester pump better actually, which puts me in the minority I s'pose but what the hell, good thing we don't all covet the same exact pieces, how boring that'd be for the writers."

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