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Definition of race-course

What is the definition of "race-course"?
  • race-coursenoun
  • 1. A plot of ground laid out for horse-racing, having a track for the horses, usually elliptical, and accommodations for the participants and spectators.
    2. The canal along which water is conveyed to or from a water-wheel.

Use "race-course" in a sentence
  • "One must never smoke in a theatre, on a race-course, nor in church."

    "ON THE HIGHWAY to Salinas, not far from beautiful Laguna Seca race-course, Kathryn Dance braked her unmarked Ford to a halt in front of a construction worker holding a portable stop sign."

    "O Artemis, who watchest o'er sea-beat Limna and the race-course thundering to the horse's hoofs, would I were upon thy plains curbing Venetian steeds!"

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