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Definition of rabidness

What is the definition of "rabidness"?
  • rab•id•nessnoun
  • 1. The property of being rabid.

Use "rabidness" in a sentence
  • "Now that she has gone over the top in rabidness I bet she will get foundation sponsorship and a permanent gig somewhere."

    "As far as 'rabidness' or being 'venomous' goes, I'm sure as s-h-i-t not going to feel bad about spitting bile ..."

    "He also makes it clear that you should STFU and not judge others, and that hatred, bigotry and right wing rabidness are evil."

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  • Spanish: rabidness
  • German: rabidness
  • French: rabidness
  • Mandarin: rabidness
  • Japanese: rabidness

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