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Definition of rabbling

What is the definition of "rabbling"?
  • rabbling
  • 1. Same as rambling. See ramble.

Use "rabbling" in a sentence
  • ""rabbling" of the Episcopalian clergy in its western shires, revived the old bitterness of the clergy towards the dissidents."

    "While Islamists feel the need to create an Islamic theocracy, the Islamofascist throws in all these great extras, like hero-worship, Jew-race-baiting, Genocidal rabbling, calls to expel or oppress foreign nationals, and justifications for the mass killings of innocent noncombatants."

    "There was once a talk of rabbling him the fifth of November before the last, because they said he kept a nunnery in his house, like old Lady Foljambe; but Master"

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