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Definition of ra

What is the definition of "ra"?
  • ranoun
  • 1. An obsolete form of roe.
    2. In Egypt, mythol., the sovereign sun-god of the Memphite system, the chief Egyptian personification of the Supreme Being.
    3. A prefix in some words of French origin, ultimately from re- and ad-. See rabate, rabbet, rapport, etc.
    4. A terminal moraine.
    5. A chemical symbol of radium. Rd is more generally used.

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  • "But what another "_Boom! te-ray, -- Ta, ra, ra_," &c., &c., this would have been for LA COLLINS!"

    "_ Nay, if it were only his caprichio, I am satisfied; though I must tell you, I was in a kind of huff, to hear him _Tan ta ra, tan ta ra, _ a quarter of an hour together; for _Tan ta ra_ is but an odd kind of sound, you know, before a man's chamber."

    "(Cinnamon French Toast with Pomegranate Apple Compote) tags: amon ra is my copilot, femme, foodporn mood: creative media: Stellamara - Kyrie Eleison un ange vole? link memories"

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